Sunday, October 25, 2015

Magazine of the Moment: The Canary Press

"Australia's greatest (and possibly only) short story magazine, featuring writers from Australia and overseas. Illustrated by champions. Made in Melbourne, with love" --The Canary Press

Things had been a little quiet on the magazine front for a while, but thankfully, this was remedied when I picked up a copy of The Canary Press during a recent trip to my University Co-op. The quirky magazine was founded in 2013 by Robert Skinner and Andy Josselyn.With the help of a small team situated in Melbourne, the magazine is released quarterly and distributed nationally in Australia. I'm all for supporting independent publishers, and after reading The Canary Press, I feel that I will continue to support them in the future. 

Simply put, this magazine is delightful because it's all about featuring the works of well-known alongside up and coming writers from Australia and abroad. You never know what you will read come the next issue, as the stories are a real mixed bag of genres and styles. One of my favourite stories in the copy I picked up is Van Gogh's Ear by Moacyr Scliar, which is about an owner of a small grocery store who attempts to avoid paying off a creditor, a Van Gogh enthusiast, by offering to gift him the artist's (obviously fake) ear. Then there is The Apocalypse Bear: Part 1 by award winning dramatist Lally Katz, which both disturbed and enthralled me due to its highly unique and unhinged surrealist nature. It reminded me of the Brother's Grimm Fairytales, but on crack (I didn't think it could get any darker than the classics). One thing's for sure, nothing is ordinary in The Canary Press.

The Canary Press is the perfect magazine to read in between life's hectic moments. As I'm nearing the end of my semester, I've found it so hard to dedicate time to reading books aside from my unit texts, but the short stories in this magazine are the perfect length for bus rides, class breaks and that half an hour just before going to bed at night. 

Overall, The Canary Press is an ace magazine because it is passionate about short stories and the outstanding authors who write them. With an incredible team of graphic artists working on the magazine, it's wonderful to discover how much talent there is out there, and I'll be sure to lap it all up each issue.

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