Monday, December 19, 2016

What Can I Do?

I won't pretend to know everything there is to know about Aleppo because I don't. Whether it is due to my own inactivity in regard to current affairs or the dire state of mainstream media here in Australia in which worldwide news is almost an after thought, I felt and still feel ashamed by how little I knew about the crisis. I have been trying to keep informed over the past week and above all, be informed of how best I can help.

I know it can be overwhelming in situations such as these to know exactly what can be done within your means. Every single day I try and think of things I can do to make just that little bit of difference, but often feel short on time or money. I'm learning that it's crucial to be in the know and to be vocal about these things, and with Aleppo, the whole world needs to be talking and paying attention.

But as powerful and effective a tool that social media and its associated hashtags can be, I realise that it alone cannot solve the problem or help ease the pain. I feel particularly crushed by what's happening in Aleppo in juxtaposition to my day job in a shopping centre filled with things that I don't need. Instead of having a couple cups of coffee or treating myself to a number of bath bomb from Lush, I decided to donate to the Red Cross. It still doesn't feel like enough but it is something. And when it comes down to it, I would rather do something than nothing at all.

If you live in Australia, I would recommend reading this article all about how you can help, but many of these points can be applied to wherever you live in the world.

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