Monday, March 13, 2017

A Peek Inside my Diary #3

You attribute too much meaning to the smallest of things
and declare them 'signs'
(You're shy because you're a Pisces
and him and you would be perfect together
because your compatibility is written in the stars)

If you reduce yourself to such pseudo nonsense
that's all you may ever manage to 'be'
Forever seeking that sign which will set the course
of what you read in your monthly horoscope

You tease yourself, your hopeless dreaming heart,
by putting faith in the timing of a greeting card
as a sign you'll land the dream job
That friendships formed abroad which follow you back home
are somehow signs that you'll both return to that city you so love once more

So many high hopes dashed by the emphasis on signs
Can't you just believe in strange coincidences
the magic of fate?
A reminder that where ever you turn
whatever you do
you'll never really predict what lies ahead

Here's to living a life without constantly searching
for an indication 
Of a means to an end
or a beginning
Focus on creating your adventure the best you can
lest you find yourself forever waiting
for your path to unfold

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